Jackie Anzaldi

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    Hi, I’m Jackie. Thanks for wanting to know about me.

    I like to travel, take pictures and hang out with my insane Siberian, hypoallergenic cats named Nancy and Gladys.
    I also like to put good things out into the world by way of ads (and other stuff) of varying forms. Humbled am I to be number “16” on Business Insider’s “24th Most Creative People in Advertising Now” list and “9-ish” of the “Top 30 Most Creative People In Social Media.” I’m also a proud “Squirrel” a.k.a member of the team that created the highly celebrated Oreo Daily Twist campaign that brought the first “GAY” cookie to the world and that won a Cyber Grand Prix and Gold Lion at Cannes. As far as the “other stuff” goes, there’s my photography project entitled “Sneeze Book” that was picked for inclusion in the famed Vice Photography Issue and published in other notable journals worldwide. Then there’s my inventions that—for obvious reasons—I can not reveal here. Past adventures include: crash landing in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey, co-piloting a bush plane, and awakening a sleeping Lion in Tanzania, Africa.

  • Added: April 2014 • Updated: April 2014


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