Hanna Belander

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    n her early twenties, Hanna Belander found herself by chance in one of Sweden’s largest advertising agencies, working as a Production Manager. Everything worked brilliantly, except maybe the production management itself. But thanks to an exceptionally good boss she was offered a position as Copy Assistant to one of the agency's top copywriters instead. Much better.

    Cut to ten years later. Hanna has now worked as a copywriter at Forsman & Bodenfors, King and McCann. Today she is, thanks to an exceptionally good boss, Creative Director (but still copywriting as often as possible) at McCann Stockholm.

    Throughout her ten plus years in the business, Hanna has had the privilege to work with many different kinds of brands. From some of the biggest brands in Sweden (Tele2, Telia, ICA, Lantmännen)to charities and local museums (Moderna Museet). With more than one hundred TVC:s in her portfolio she has lots of experience from scriptwriting and film production. She has also been working with two of the most famous and long running advertising concepts in Sweden (Telia and ICA).

    She has been numerously awarded, nationally as well as internationally. And she has lots and lots of jury experience.

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