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    In 1998, after graduating in Audiovisual Communication, made ​​a decision that would change my life: I leave the PhD and a tranquil academic career for an exciting profession related to a new phenomenon of communication. Internet Since then, my desire to share and my curiosity by the new digital medium and its possibilities were stronger than my interest in image theory. And even today, I think I have the good fortune to be chosen to work in an industry that continues to amaze and teach me things every day. Started my career in the American consulting firm iXL, where I worked as an art director at the offices of Madrid, San Diego and London. There I learned all the basics of digital technology and business. In 2000, seeking a more creative with my career turn, jumped the advertising industry as the founder of Storm team, the interactive agency Ruiz Nicoli, where I became creative director. In 2006 I arrived at The Pantry to create the digital department , in order to make the Internet a natural extension of unconventional agency actions (events, BTL, guerrilla, ambient ...). Today, as executive creative director of the agency, working on campaigns that jump from on to off and vice versa, looking for new ways to enter knowingly into the lives of people and achieving great results virality and engagement. Moreover, some of my parallel advertising lives, singing in a band of folk-jazz called Vintage Girl and I have completed an MBA in Business and Cultural Institutions, with the idea of applying my knowledge of creativity and digital marketing projects related to the cultural sector, as is the case Intermediae-Matadero Madrid.

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