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    Jackie DeJesu joined Energy BBDO in 2009 and, in the short time since, has worked on the vast majority of the agency’s top-tier accounts, including 5 gum, Altoids, Orbit, Aleve, One-A-Day and Illinois Lottery. Her colleagues recently recognized DeJesu for her boundless enthusiasm and creativity by granting her one of the agency’s “Energy Awards.”

    DeJesu cut her advertising teeth with an internship at Dimassimo Goldstein (now DIGO Brands) while studying at University at Buffalo. She managed to make waves from the start by launching one•in•five, a public awareness campaign for herpes that garnered a flurry of regional media attention. She placed large red dots on every fifth step leading to the Student Union, every fifth tile on one of the campus’ landmark buildings, every fifth seat in the lecture halls, etc. It was the first of her projects that showcased a typically private subject matter in a way that the viewer wouldn’t recognize immediately, which has become a common theme in her personal work.

    After graduating in 2008 with a degree in Advertising Art Direction and concentration in Graphic Design, she went to TheMissionNYC to bolster her portfolio with more big idea campaigns. She then landed gigs with Hill Holiday and Jack Morton, working on the Verizon account for both shops.

    “After spending 90 seconds with her, you’ll know why she’s a rising star among her peers,” says Rutledge, who is also DeJesu’s supervisor. “As an art director, she doesn’t just shine, she sparkles. She’ll design and conceptualize her way through any challenge that’s put in front of her. She’s got such a tenacious grip on doing great work that she never, ever, ever has to surrender to that corrupt, wily thing called compromise. But, there’s not an ounce of entitlement in her. Jackie is determination and grit - laced with passion, energy, and a few splashes of poise and grace. Her ideas have the same passion. They sparkle like she does.”

    In her free time, DeJesu enjoys singing Broadway show tunes at the top of her lungs and continuing her search for the most delicious cupcake in America, going to spin classes to burn off the unfortunate side effects of that search. What higher aspiration is there in this world?

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