Lena Elkhatib

  • Senior Art Director
  • Momentum Worldwide
  • Design
  • About
    When I was ten years old, I decided to become an art director.

    (it was quite a shift from my previous vocation choice of princess). 8 years later, I attended the Academie Libanaise Des Beaux Art (ALBA) in Lebanon where I majored in Graphic Design, minored in Photography, graduated with honors, and all-around had the experience of a lifetime. Starting in Toledo, OH and moving on to Chicago, IL, I have had (and am having) the pleasure of working in the Land of Advertising creating concept-driven branding and promotional campaigns that involve Print, POP, Out-of-Home,Broadcast,Radio, Shopper Marketing and Interactive for a large variety of clients. My client experience involves working on a wide range of clients from beer & fast food to financial institutes, high-frequency brokerages, casinos, sports teams, tobacco and retail products. But I love spreading my wings, so if there’s something new and exciting waiting to be explored, I’m in.

  • Added: April 2014 • Updated: April 2014


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