Laurel Harris

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    Producing content for marketing in the digital space for over a decade, Laurel has lead creative campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands in entertainment, fashion, technology, hospitality and politics. Her knowledge of production across platforms and her range of experience are unusual and extensive, as is her expertise in producing branded marketing initiatives. She considers her good fortune, creative vision, aesthetic sensibility, and mercurial character among her favorite strengths and always believes that the best is yet to come. Stellarhead is Laurel’s second digital company after having been the President and Creative Director of Dogmatic, Inc. for 11 years.

    Laurel has an MFA in Production Design from NYU’s TISCH, and a MA in Communications. Her early career was in the film business working in development and production under several great filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, Sydney Lumet and John Sayles.

    When she has some time off, Laurel pursues activities that challenge her mentally and physically and she most enjoys exotic vacations and weekends at posh hotels with her pool loving 6 year old. Laurel is always up for adventure and doesn’t mind rough water as she continues to learn to sail.

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