Piper Hickman

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    I like to make things. Wood, yarn, people, food—I’ve used them all to create something new.

    But words are my best medium.

    I’m a writer’s writer who geeks out on the curious turn of a phrase or an amazing story well told. I was about ‘story’ before everyone was about story and I’m well acquainted with history’s best storytellers: Joseph Campbell, Ovid and Dr. Seuss. Words and stories are what drove me to advertising.

    After graduating from the Miami Ad School, I moved to New York and got busy producing work at some of the industry's biggest and best agencies, quickly climbing the ranks from Jr. Copywriter to Creative Director. Along the way, I was instrumental in helping the agencies I worked for win new business as well as creative awards.

    Today colleagues call me tenacious, talented, humorous and unique. I’m comfortable leading teams, steering pitches, crafting branding platforms and executing full-blown campaigns. And as far as media channels are concerned—TV, digital, social, print, outdoor, guerilla, radio, experiential—I love long pieces as much as I love 140 characters.

    Outside of advertising you’ll still find me writing. A screenplay I wrote was selected to participate in the IFP Market, and another I co-wrote is under option. I’m also busy working on a non-fiction book called Hickman’s Aren’t Quitters, a collection of essays featuring situations where my unwavering tenacity didn’t serve me well. And with my husband, I recently started a dadswear line called Elegant DILF that you can see here: elegantdilf.com

  • Added: April 2014 • Updated: April 2014


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