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Welcome to the 50/50 Directory, where you can find and nominate top qualified female talent in the creative industries.

If you are an industry organization looking to strengthen your awards show juries, board of directors, or event panels and speaker lineups (kudos!), you have come to the right place. Search the 50/50 Directory by name, title or industry to find a list of kick-ass women with whom you can work.

When you hit that 50/50 balance of women and men, be sure to let us know, and get the International Badge of Recognition for participating organizations.

If you are a woman who believes you should be in the 50/50 Directory, or know of someone who does, please nominate yourself (or her) by filling out the form. Please include as much information as possible about your experience, accomplishments, accolades and the amazing projects and teams you’ve led.

Not sure if you’re ready? Here are some of the criteria upon which nominations will be evaluated for inclusion in the 50/50 Directory:


  • Has won at least one international award in her field;
  • Is a thought leader with at least two pieces published in major publications (readership of 100,000+) and/or has spoken/presented/participated in a panel of a major industry conference;
  • Owns her own company(ies) valued at $500,000+ and/or leads/has led a creative team;
  • Is the leader behind some of the best work in the industry (yes, that is subjective, so tell us how strong it is!);
  • Leads the marketing team of a major domestic or international brand;
  • Is an artist behind a proprietary project, movement or collection of work that has had a significant cultural or industry-wide impact (please describe);
  • At least one year on the Board of Directors of a company valued at $500,000+.

All of the above are not required, but a combination thereof is necessary. While the purpose of this directory is to create opportunity, it does require a certain level of qualification for inclusion.

What happens next? The Let’s Make the Industry 50/50 Initiative Committee will review your nomination to determine eligibility for inclusion and will get back to you (and the person you nominated, if you are nominating someone else) within two weeks.

The Let’s Make the Industry 50/50 Initiative is proud to provide the 50/50 Directory for the creative industries so that together we can talk less, and accomplish more.


By including inspired, talented women in the conversation, we change the conversation and therefore the industry and our future. Join us: