Becca Weigman

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • TM Advertising
  • Dallas, TX
  • Advertising
  • About
    Becca is a mother of four, and a CEO to 120. She can rock a pair of Jimmy Choos for nine hours straight or drag a pair of running shoes through miles and miles of mud. She is both the beauty and brawn of TM.

    Having completed over 20 marathons and half-marathons, Becca has learned that it pays to never give up. In the last 20 years, she has helped launch smart, strategic campaigns across all channels for clients that include: American Airlines, SuperMedia, Arby’s Restaurants, Best Buy, Hostess Snacks, Direct Energy, Bank of America, Amway Global, the Maryland State Lottery, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, SAP, Mills Development Corporation, CES, Luxottica, GARDASIL and MinuteClinic.

    When she’s not running the agency, Becca can be found donating her time to her favorite charitable organizations. Currently she is a Mentor Mom for the March of Dimes, a Dallas Citizen’s Council member and a Perot Museum Advisory Board member. She also volunteers with the American Heart Association’s Circle of Red chapter in Dallas and sits on the board of the Marcus Graham Project.

  • Added: May 2014 • Updated: May 2014


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