Turi McKinley

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    Turi’s 15+ years in design has encompassed questions from as broad as the right to knowledge to as narrow as the design of an underarm deodorant bottle. Her experience encompasses design research, interaction and service design, and currently focuses on participatory design and creative collaboration practices within innovation. With a consistent focus on user-centered design, her clients at frog have spanned domains and include GE, Honeywell, ETS, Humana, Qualcomm, Mars, MTV, Telstra, Colgate and UNICEF.

    In her role as the lead for frogCamp, Turi leads the development of frog’s design process and creative collaboration processes across frog’s global studios, and with frog’s clients. Turi was the lead editor for the new frogThink Toolkit and the frog Design Research Fundamentals, along with other frog experts.

    Turi’s background is in anthropology, interaction design, design research, and experience strategy. She holds an MFA in Design and Technology from the Parsons School of Design. Her academic background is in Anthropology with emphasis on symbolic anthropology and ethnography.

    She has lived, researched, and worked extensively in the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Nepal, Korea, and China, and is currently based in the New York studio. Outside of the office, she travels the world.

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